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Mercer County, PA, In The American Civil War


A two volume set of books is now available through the MCHS.  These works, from Mark S. Painter, are titled Mercer County, PA, In The American Civil War Volume I (1860-1863) and Volume II (1864-1865 and beyond) and can now be purchased either on line (www.amazon.com) or at the Historical Society Headquarters in the borough of Mercer.  Both volumes have 300+ pages for a total of 600+ pages of first hand documents from the period 1860—1865 and beyond.  These books dig deeply into letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and other sources.  No known stone was left unturned searching for information for these books!
Through these in-depth sources the reader can almost envision what life was like at that time in the various towns and backwaters of Mercer County and life on the front lines of the Army or Navy.  The reader gets to know these men and women and learn about their struggles, wounds, and—in a lot of cases—their deaths.
Interspersed throughout these books are sections that will explain what is going on in the “whole” war and those sections will be tied to individual thoughts and struggles from Mercer County and other near-by Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio areas.  Learn about various people from this area who were embroiled in this massive struggle—from all sides of the Civil War—and their thoughts and actions. 
These books are enjoyable to read and should be a “must have” for any Civil War buff or a historical reader interested in learning the true ways of life during the early-to-mid 1860’s in small town America.
The price for each of these books is $24.99 per individual book plus tax and shipping (if necessary) online (a very, very, reasonable cost for a book of this length and quality) and can also be bought as individual books at our headquarters in Mercer for the same price ($24.99 plus tax and shipping (if necessary)) or as a pair—a two volume set—for $45 tax included (plus shipping if necessary).  Save just under $8.00 when you buy both volumes at the headquarters of the Mercer County Historical Society!

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