119 South Pitt Street · Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137 · 724-662-3490

MCHS Open House

On Friday, May 1, 2015, the MCHS will hold an Open House in honor of its 3-1-1 Capital Fundraising Campaign and the resulting restoration and reconfiguration of the Anderson/Magoffin Complex. The doors open at 4:30 PM and the Open House should end around 7:30. Please join us.
Over the last several years the Society has raised some funding from our membership. We invite our contributors—and the general public—to stop on in and see our changes. Some of these changes cannot be readily viewed, as we have replaced the furnaces and air conditioning, but we have a brand new look in our library and galleries. If you have never been here, or haven’t been here in awhile, please take some time and visit us during this open house.
There will be punch and light snacks available during this event. Come and visit old and new friends and learn about our shared heritage—after all—we are here to protect, preserve, and present our common history!
The Historical Society’s headquarters is at 119 South Pitt Street, Mercer. For further information, please call the Historical Society at 724-662-3490.

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